The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
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you are the smell before rain

you are the blood in my veins


when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 


I don’t think writers realize that “strong female character” means “well written female character” and not “female character who punches stuff and shoots stuff”

although i do love me some female characters that punch stuff (so long as they are also well written)

Fall Out Boy album covers made from their lyrics


the arctic monkeys look like a 50s gang and im afraid they’re going to come out of the shadows one night and rhythmically snap their fingers at me


boutta take the ride of my life


boutta take the ride of my life



Fun things to say when someone tells you they’re going to go to the bathroom:

  • Stay safe
  • Congratulations
  • That’s what they all say
  • Different strokes for different folks
  • I hope you have the time of your life
  • But you have so much to live for
  • Please explain
  • think of me



Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen




fun date idea:

take me to comic con

drop me off


pick me up when it’s over tho


My entire life is just waiting for fall out boy to do things


remember when teen titans had that really powerful arc about rejecting abusive family and that surrounding yourself with good people who make you happy is the most important thing and no one should force you to do anything you don’t want to do and sometimes friends are better family than the people who you’re actually related to




remember that




Two students, James and John were given a grammar test by their teacher. The question was, “is it better to use “had” or “had had” in this example sentence?”

The teacher collected the tests, and looked over their answers.

James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had.” “Had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

welcome to the english language

i took this test on a psychological forum site that asks you all these questions and then tells you about your mental state 

and this thing told me i might be experiencing mild symptoms of depression, phobias, disassociation, and PTSD 

and more extreme symptoms of anxiety, self-esteem issues, manic depression or bipolar disorder, OCD, and traits of borderline personality disorder

and of course i’m not taking any of this as a diagnosis because it isn’t but essentially a lot of this stuff are things that i’ve noticed myself experiencing symptoms of and it’s worried me and if anything is gonna inspire me to try and get help maybe it’ll be this